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NHInsights supports public and private organizations in the development of tailor-made pedagogical tools and the implementation of training projects aimed at fostering inclusion, values, autonomy, well-being and dialogue.

History of the Itinérant®

L’itinérant® is an innovative tool and a methodology based on values.

In February 2020, Nathalie Hennart and Delphine Giltay synthesize their knowledge of socio-emotional skills. Information quickly accumulates. How to simplify and transmit without imposing one’s own vision? It was then that the idea of the Itinérant game took shape. In 2022, they received financial support from CePAS (Centre psycho-social et d’accompagnement scolaires) and the European Social Fund. The project takes shape. Almost 200 teenagers take part in the pilot phase. From March to July 2023, in line with the National Action Plan for Youth 2022-2025 of the Ministry of National Education for Children and Youth and the missions of CePAS, the game is distributed in French, English and German to all high schools in Luxembourg.

The contribution of the tool

L’Itinérant® multiplies exchanges and stimulates self-knowledge, autonomy, equality, well-being, inclusion, openness to others, dialogue and changes in attitudes without intrusiveness.

How it works 

Simple and accessible, l’Itinérant® can be played occasionally or on a recurring basis. The facilitator, whether professional or amateur, is the guardian of speaking time and ethics. Participants play individually or in teams.


Socio-emotional skills are imparted indirectly through exchanges based on a variety of situations, often real-life situations.

The methodology incorporates principles from non-violent communication, active pedagogy, positive thinking, neuroscience, coaching, emotion management, stress and trauma management and mindfulness. It was initiated by Delphine Giltay and Nathalie Hennart in 2020.

Available pathways

Each game box contains a set of coherent, interconnected pathways. These multiple pathways tackle the themes according to the challenges facing the group.

L’Itinérant® Education stimulates self-knowledge, dialogue, inclusion, the art of discernment and openness to others through 4 tracks + 1: self-confidence, relationships, communication, motivation and the hero’s journey.

L’Itinérant® Entreprises (end 2023) offers a course on communication, teamwork, positive leadership and brainstorming. The package also includes a bonus course on conflict prevention.

L’Itinérant® Associations (2025) will include a course on motivation, resilience, migrations and free expression around concerns or traumas.

Do you have any questions
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